Legends of Duniya

S2E0 pt 1 - From the Outlands

Enter Temür, Aero, and Malai

Date: 53rd Day of the Season of Fire (Summer)
Year: 4496 (First Age)
Location: Tide District, Hiyokuna Region

Dwarven fighter, Temür Bolad, and bird-shifter bard, Aero, arrive in the Tide District of Hioykuna after several days of travel from the territory of the Jin-Sae Tribe near Burkhan Uul, one of three Dwarven mountains. Temür is following a trail of rumors concerning the Holwej Fiends, a violent band of orcs that raided his hometown, killed his father, and stole his axe, the Ganbaatar. Aero, daughter of the chief, joins Temür to explore the world and compose ballads chronicling her adventures with her allies.

Upon arriving, they purchase transport on the ship named the Bahadurahava, commanded by Captain Dasya Modi, and plan on arriving in the Sakumotsu Region on the 56th. After making their arrangements and seek out lodging for the night, Temür is pickpocketed by a thief and Aero engages in swift pursuit of the criminal. The chase is cut short after Aero lodges a dagger in the thief’s leg and he is apprehended by Malai, a barbarian woman wandering the streets of Tide. Members of the Dhalem, Hiyokuna’s guard, arrest the thief after Aero retrieves Temür’s wallet and pockets other treasure the thief had stolen.

When the dust settles, the two befriend the startled Malai and make their way to the Minato inn for drinks when they are stopped by Hotax, a local bar owner who also happens to be a small goblin. While unsuccessful in swindling the thief’s extra stolen goods from Aero, the trio return with him for drinks at his bar, the Kora-Noosa. It is there that the two Jin-Sae adventurer’s learn of Malai’s career as a wandering topographer from the northern side of Burkhan Uul. The two women turn down their drinks and give them to Temür, who in turn becomes severely inebriated after a beer, some wine, and three shots of something called Lion’s Breath.

Malai sobers Temür up by dunking him the Hiyo-Khan Bay, on the coast of which Tide is built. They enjoy some seafood (except the finicky Temür) and Malai is formally invited to join Temür and Aero on their voyage to the Sakumotsu Region to hunt down the Holwej Fiends and reclaim the Ganbaatar of the House of Bolad.

The following morning, Captain Modi informs the three that they will depart shortly and are expecting three other passengers…



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